The pain in my heart wants to cry out loud,  

I dont know what I am sad about…

Cry might make me feel light,

But the pain always remains inside..

Crying, yelling, irritation are different forms of pain,

Relieving them is the only thing that I have to gain…

Want to achieve that inner peace of mind,

Then only my nights will turn into sunshine..


My guy

You make me feel beautiful through your eyes

With you I am on the seventh sky

You build the confidence in me to dream high

With you I am not at all shy

In your presence around me butterfly flies

You bring the best out of me, 

you are my guy!


Say no to drugs

It is hard to see,

All my brothers and sisters flee,

Under the influence of this enemy,

Known as a drug but is a bee,

This bee is buzzing around killing the youngsters you will agree,

Lets come together to kill this bee,

Say no to drugs, lets change I to WE✌✌

Sweet heart

Hey my sweet heart,

Where are you hidden,

You have made my life like a riddle,

I want to meet you and stop this fiddle,

But trust me darling you are gonna be slapped a little,

The slap is a punishment for making me wait in the middle,

Its just the beggining darling,

Our whole life will be mystical!!!

No one here

There is no one here,

To give me a hear,

To see my face,

Lightened with cheer,

To look into my eyes,

Deep inside,

And understand my fear,

To touch my soul and always come near,

There is no one here..


I want a guy,

Who is a little shy..

Oh my tall boy,

Should be capable to meet the sky..

He should be calm, fun and warm,

A decision maker,

With a solid foundation,

I might like him,

But my family events are incomplete without him,

My friends adore him,

I am invited for an outing not before him.

He loves parties and our family events,

Stays at home and roams around,

He is my man.

Is a little messy but is clean from heart,

Oh my soulmate you are late enough..

I want to share my secrets and the stupid things I do,

Travel the world but not without you..

Post our pics on fb and romantic hashtags too,

Oh my soulmate where the hell are you..