Scared heart is worried

Worried about the future

Future thought is bright

But the present is just not right.

They say failure makes you rise..

But the present is worried,

As the future has no exact time..

Patience is the key everyone states..

Its a proverb used to motivate..

But patience also has its end they forget

Waiting sometimes never ends..

Brain tries everything to keep the hopes alive..

But the negative thoughts dont really die.

Distraction is another game which brain and heart play..

But the brain is not so sincere to be distaracted all the way…

Struggle is a battle everyone fights..

Hide the struggle and success celebrated big size..

Stories of scared heart should be said..

Instead of celebrating success, 

Share the struggle to help others motivate

Discuss the failures and the downhill

It will help others to have their strength built..


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