Broken Heart

I agree it is broken, but I handed it with trust to you,

I joined the pieces carefully and hoped it will never be crushed by anyhoo,

Along came you with whom the heart started to beat faster again,

Please don’t hurt or make the heart cry, even if alive the bruises are still not dry,

It will try to make you feel special and have the happiest moments of life,

But if for some reason it hurts you, please don’t make the heart cry,

It is getting stronger and has a lot of love to share, but one hard strike might make it difficult for the heart to be happy again…



Looking for a man who check all the boxes,

Not the same young girl whose heart melts for a handsome guy who is toxic,

Now she wants a man who is independent and who will travel with her to places that are exotic..

She has tried loving a man for love, but that made her life chaotic..

She knows there is someone for her, who is just fantastic..

Looking for the man, who checks all the boxes..

My Tears

My tears are my strength,

They help me heal to a length.

Whenever I am intense,

My tears are always present.

My tears break me down,

But once done I have a strong rebound.

My tears bring my frustration out,

It always gives away the negative thoughts out.

My tears have helped me understand,

Who is my friend and who just pretends.

My tears reminds me of all the sad times..

And it also brings back my happiness in smiles..

Gone are the days when tears were considered to be weakness..

Now its time to celebrate tears

As my tears are my strength…

The insecure soul 

The insecure soul is scared 

Scared to be shattered 

Nothing in life makes the soul feel better 

Eyes are wet n heart beats faster 

Soul looks for somebody who vl end this disaster 

Someone to hold onto whose hug makes the life better 

Who would take all the insecurities into the sea water 

And make the soul happier n live longer…


Scared heart is worried

Worried about the future

Future thought is bright

But the present is just not right.

They say failure makes you rise..

But the present is worried,

As the future has no exact time..

Patience is the key everyone states..

Its a proverb used to motivate..

But patience also has its end they forget

Waiting sometimes never ends..

Brain tries everything to keep the hopes alive..

But the negative thoughts dont really die.

Distraction is another game which brain and heart play..

But the brain is not so sincere to be distaracted all the way…

Struggle is a battle everyone fights..

Hide the struggle and success celebrated big size..

Stories of scared heart should be said..

Instead of celebrating success, 

Share the struggle to help others motivate

Discuss the failures and the downhill

It will help others to have their strength built..

What is Love

What is love without understanding,

Just a word, which leads to misunderstanding

You cant just wait there standing,

Always sacrificing,

Under the name of love and bonding
What is love without trust,

Just a word which fills no broken crust,

Leads to fight, where feelings crush,

You only cry with love and no trust.
What is love without friendship,

Just a word where no souls kisses,

Only responsibilities, no fun shipped,

Burdened, where everyone cribs
Love is a word which is totally missed,

Love is nothing without understanding, trust and frienship,

If you hav all 3 along with a magic,

Life will go smooth, without any tragic


All these lights and glitters

Makes my life no sweeter

Its you and your presence

That will make my life fitter

In the room full of friends n strangers

With music high and louder

I am yet lonely

Smiling just to make things better

Somebody hold me tighter

Dont let me go again n get withered


The pain in my heart wants to cry out loud,  

I dont know what I am sad about…

Cry might make me feel light,

But the pain always remains inside..

Crying, yelling, irritation are different forms of pain,

Relieving them is the only thing that I have to gain…

Want to achieve that inner peace of mind,

Then only my nights will turn into sunshine..

My guy

You make me feel beautiful through your eyes

With you I am on the seventh sky

You build the confidence in me to dream high

With you I am not at all shy

In your presence around me butterfly flies

You bring the best out of me, 

you are my guy!